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Educating adults and children helps create safe communities

By educating the adults in a child’s life, as well as the child, we increase our chance of creating safe environments for children.

When parents have a fundamental understanding of child development and learn concrete parenting tips, children are safer. When child-serving professionals know how to identify suspected child abuse and responsibly respond to it, children are safer. When children understand the difference between what’s appropriate and what’s not, and are empowered to speak up, they are safer.

Here’s How We Educate and Provide Technical Assistance
We Hold Classes & Trainings

We hold classes and workshops on safety, relationships, and child abuse prevention. Nearly all of our classes and trainings are free to attend.

The curriculum we developed for our classes and workshops can also be licensed for use by other organizations.

  • Child Safety Awareness Lessons for K-5th Graders: A series of in-classroom lessons for schoolchildren on personal safety, assertiveness, safe versus unsafe touch, and how to develop a system of support. These lessons are provided free of charge to San Francisco Unified School District classrooms and after-school programs and are available for a modest fee to private schools and child-serving organizations in San Francisco. The classes are available in English and Spanish. Read the curriculum overview on our blog.

  • Safety Lessons for Parents / Caregivers: Instructions for parents on how to communicate with children about uncomfortable and unsafe situations and how to protect them from potential abuse. These trainings are provided on request and are free of charge. The classes are available in English and Spanish.

  • Mandated Reporter Trainings: Trainings for child-serving professionals (mandated reporters) on how to identify, respond to, and report suspected child abuse.

  • Impact of Violence Trainings: Trainings for parents and providers on the impacts that exposure to violence has on young children, and how to provide support for kids who are exposed to violence.

  • Kids’ Turn: A series of workshops focused on families going through separation and divorce. There are different workshops based on a child’s age and life stage. Read more about Kids’ Turn.

  • Superheroes: An eight-week group that helps build communication and trust between children and their parents and supports those families who have experienced traumatic events such as violence in the home or the community.

  • Child Abuse 101: A single session to train groups, agencies, and companies on child abuse and its prevention.

We Partner on Community Trainings

We are honored to partner with the San Francisco Family Support Network (SFFSN). Founded in 2004, the SFFSN is a unique partnership of the stakeholders in the Family Support field: families, community-based organizations, public departments, and private foundations.

Standard Trainings

Our team can provide standard training sessions online or in-person on the following subjects. These trainings can also be combined into an all-day or multi-day workshop.

  • The Science of ACEs & Toxic Stress
  • ACEs Screening Best Practices
  • Relational, Strengths-Based Approaches to Developmental Anticipatory Guidance
  • Self-Care and Healing: Facing Secondary Trauma, Moral Injury/Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue
  • Using the 7 Domains of Wellness
  • Becoming a Trauma-Informed Organization
  • Pediatric Screening in Specialized Medical Environments
  • Navigator Training: How to get Patients Connected to the Right Resources at the Right Time
  • Sustainability and Spread of ACEs Screening in a Medical System
    • Communication about ACEs
Customized Trainings

Let’s have a conversation and find out what might be most important to your team. We have experience with training many practices and clinics and can suggest a set of training sessions that will best support your team.

Beginning an ACEs Screening Program Support

Our team has supported over 50 practices in their ACEs screening journey. This program will contain training, but will also include 1:1 coaching, handouts, scripts, worksheets, and continuous communication with our team to help you through obstacles you may encounter during your journey. Depending on your level of support, we may work with your team for up to 1 year.