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Safe & Sound doors are open to parents & families!
Below are the services we are currently offering.

Drop in services offered at our Waller location:

1757 Waller Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Drop in Hours
Monday 10:00am-2:00pm
Tuesday 2:00pm-4:50pm
Wednesday 2:00pm- 4:50pm
Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm

  • Drop In

    Take a break, use wifi, drink coffee.

  • Meet With a Care Manager

    Figure out what types of support your family needs.

  • Connect

    Enroll in programs and build connections with other families.

  • Take a Minute

    Reassess your needs and continue to build a strong family.

Parenting Classes

Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and too often we rely on our experience of being parented as a guide. Safe & Sound offers parenting classes on healthy parenting behaviors, child development, and discipline. These classes are held at various times throughout the year, childcare is provided.

Child Safety Classes

Child abuse is preventable. In an effort to help end abuse and protect our children, we offer lessons to children about safety and how to protect themselves.

Events for Families

Each season Safe & Sound hosts a variety of events for families. From Ice Skating in winter and celebrating mother’s and father’s days in Spring to face painting in summer and preparing to go back to school in Autumn, our events are always fun for the whole family. View Events.

Groups & Workshops

Safe & Sound offers groups and workshops on parenting and topics related to family well-being. Support groups and workshops are held Monday – Thursday. Free childcare is available in the Playroom for all groups held at 1757 Waller Street. Learn More.

Care Coordination

Care coordinators support parents with tasks, such as applications, referrals, and making phone calls to other agencies/services on an as-needed basis. Ongoing short-term (12 sessions) care management support may be available depending on capacity and may also include home visits and accompaniment to appointments.

TALK Line: Parental Support Line

The TALK (Telephone Aid in Living with Kids) Line is a 24-hour parent & caregiver support warmline providing early interventions, support, and community-based referrals to parents and caregivers experiencing stress. The TALK Line is primarily staffed by trained and supervised volunteer line operators. We respond to incoming calls and also conduct regular follow-up with parents and caregivers with heightened needs.

Call the TALK Line 415-441-KIDS (5437) for any support with parenting or providing care to kids.

For families in need of more structure and comprehensive support, we offer Integrated Family Services (IFS).

This service is designed to surround families with support as they work to strengthen their protective factors. When families have strong protective factors they are able to practice positive parenting skills, address family needs, and life challenges. Once enrolled in IFS, parents collaborate with a Care Coordinator to work toward family goals.

Sample Goals
  • Developing positive relationships
  • Improving communication within the family
  • Identifying and reducing daily stress
  • Addressing concerns about money, food, and housing
  • Implementing routines and positive discipline strategies
  • Self-care

Currently this service is offered free to qualified families who live in San Francisco and have a child under age 12.

For families facing violence in the home or community, we offer support services to reduce its impact on children.

Through this service, SafeStart, families receive case management services, engage in parenting or parent-child groups that strengthen the parent-child bond, and learn about the impact of violence on young children.
This service is offered free to families with a child 6 and younger, and available in English, Spanish, and Cantonese.

SafeStart is a collaboration of Safe & Sound, APA Family Support Services, Instituto Familiar de la Raza, and YMCA Urban Services.

For families experiencing parental separation and divorce, we offer Kids’ Turn.

The Kids’ Turn curriculum helps children understand and express the difficult emotions associated with parental separation while teaching family members new ways to support affected children and manage their new life circumstance. Kids’ Turn workshops are a Family Court recognized co-parenting program and offered on sliding payment scale.

  • Help children cope with parental separation.
    Help children to understand and cope with the loss, anger and fear that often accompany familial separation.

  • Help family members support their children.
    Help mothers, fathers and grandparents learn how to support their children and prevent at-risk behavior and teach the skills needed to understand the child’s perspective.

  • Support the diversity of participants.
    Classes are conducted locally in English. Our participants include people from all types of families, including single-parent homes and alternative families.

  • Demystify and de-stigmatize the separation process.
    Half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce or separation. Kids’ Turn promotes a healthy perspective and helps families understand that they are not alone. Learn More.

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