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Standing Together Against Anti-AAPI Violence and Racism

Katie Albright, Chief Executive Officer
April 20, 2021

The San Francisco Family Resource Center (FRC) Alliance condemns the rise in racist rhetoric and violence against Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities and the horrific acts of violence and oppression inflicted upon elderly people who identify AAPI. We stand in solidarity with these communities and acknowledge that these recent attacks are not isolated incidents, but rather the result of the legacy of anti-AAPI violence and discrimination and xenophobia in our nation, state, and city.

As an Alliance of 26 neighborhood and population-based family resource centers that is committed to using our collective power and resources to further equity and justice for San Francisco families, we ask all San Franciscans to join together to combat anti-AAPI racism and address its devastating impacts. We recognize that we must remain vigilant to the many ways that anti-AAPI prejudice and bias affect us and continue working as an Alliance to identify effective and actionable ways to address this and all forms of prejudice, stigmatization, and racism. We seek courage and humility as we continue our Alliance’s efforts to address racism and oppression within our own organizations and the communities and systems with which we engage.

Recent events have served as a brutal reminder of how structural racism, cultural oppression, white supremacy, and xenophobia continue to pervade our systems, institutions, communities, and individual behaviors. The FRC Alliance calls for increased commitment to find meaningful and lasting ways to end oppression and violence against those identifying as AAPI and create safe, just, and equitable communities and institutions that protect, nurture, and support every child, young person, adult, and elderly person. 

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