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Our TALK Line Keeps Children Safe – Your Support Makes it Happen

February 23, 2024


In 2022, every day over 140 children in California experienced child abuse or neglect. And in San Francisco alone, one child was reported to Child Protected Services every 1.8 hours.

Every child deserves the right to grow up in a safe and sound environment, yet child abuse and neglect know no boundaries, affecting families regardless of socioeconomic status. There is hope, because Safe & Sound knows that almost all of these incidents can be avoided by providing timely guidance, the right resources, and the support parents need.


Logging over 650 calls per month, and an astounding 85,000 calls in the past decade, Safe & Sound’s 24/7 TALK (Telephone Aid in Living with Kids) Line has been a lifeline for families in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area since 1976. As our longest running program ever, this round-the-clock service plays a huge role in our prevention efforts as we are able to connect with caregivers in need of support no matter the time or the issue.

“I knew to call the TALK Line to get help before doing something I would regret. Both my wife and I grew up with lots of struggles, and when our son acted out, we had a hard time agreeing on how to respond, and our conflict made it worse. It got so intense one night, and I am glad the TALK Line was there. They ‘talked’ me down and helped me get connected again playing video games with my son. That first call to the TALK Line led to the support and resources we still get from Safe & Sound, and it has made all the difference in keeping our family together.” – Parent and a client of Safe & Sound


  1. Families are still struggling. The demand for our supportive services—like the TALK Line—is still higher than it was before the pandemic.
  2. Technology advancements can make our response time faster and more efficient. We can make upgrades with your support.
  3. Parents need to talk to people who have experienced what they are going through. Your support will help us recruit individuals who have overcome economic challenges, domestic violence, child welfare involvement, and other life adversities—and want to lend their strength.

The TALK Line is our “front door” that many families use for our direct, supportive, wrap-around services. Just one call to the TALK Line can change a family’s life forever. Your gift today, no matter the amount, will have a significant impact on the children and families in our community who reach out to us every day.

Right now, you can help ensure that ALL children can grow up safe, protected, and loved.

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