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Help Equip Kids for Success: Support Our Backpack and School Supplies Drive!

June 10, 2024

Last year, just before the school year started, Mia’s family joined us at our Community Night Dinner. Mia’s family had been going through a tough time, and her mother, with tears in her eyes, confided that she couldn’t afford new school supplies for Mia. Safe & Sound jumped into action and provided Mia with a new backpack filled with all the essentials, and her face lit up with pure joy. She hugged the backpack tightly, like a treasure chest, and said, “Now I can go to school like everyone else.” For Mia and her family, that backpack was more than just supplies—it was hope, and a chance to start the school year on equal footing with her peers.

As we enjoy the beautiful start of summer, you can help Safe & Sound prepare for our annual Back-to-School drive for the upcoming school year. We are determined to support all the children and families we serve, especially those in vulnerable situations. The anticipation of a new school year, filled with learnings and friendships, often comes with significant stress for some families. Rising costs, financial constraints, and emotional strains make it difficult for many parents to afford essential school supplies for their children.

Imagine the joy of starting a new school year with a brand new backpack and new supplies, or the excitement in a child’s eyes on the first day back seeing friends. Our annual Back-to-School Drive provides all the essential items that a kid would need – a backpack with school supplies. This drive brings joy to nearly 250 kids each year, helping them start the school year with confidence and excitement.

Your generous donation allows us to purchase the school items that a child would need to attend a school. You can also donate by buying supplies directly from our Amazon wish list! Your support will bring smiles and hope to so many children in our community.

Your help is vital to our mission of ensuring families have access to the resources they need for a strong start to the school year. By reducing the financial burden and stress on parents, we can work together to prevent child abuse, neglect, and trauma, paving the way for a successful academic year. Thank you for considering partnering with us on this essential campaign.

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