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It’s Giving Tuesday.

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November 29, 2016

It’s the day in which we focus not on ourselves, but on our community. The day in which we rally support for our cause: a community without child abuse.

Each holiday season, we decorate our walls, and ensure our telephone hotline is well staffed — because it’s the time of year we receive the most crisis calls. We turn our Playroom into a toy store to ensure every family can afford to have a festive and joyous holiday season, helping to reduce the stress during this already stressful time of year. The time of year we ask for your support.

Here’s why our work matters most:

– Victims of child abuse are more likely to have trouble in school, be arrested + lose their jobs
– Victims of child abuse are more likely to have life-long health issues + die prematurely
– Victims of child abuse are more likely to abuse their own children
– Child abuse devastates not just the child, but the family and community — and degrades our society
– A report of child abuse is made every 10 minutes in the Bay Area
– Child abuse can be prevented

Help us build a future without child abuse, support our work:

(Here are some numbers to guide your gift.)

$27 [also the number of parents + children that participated in Superheroes this past year]
$54 [also the number of community partners we worked with last year]
$136 [also the number of children taught how to keep themselves safe each week]
$181 [also the average number  of counseling sessions each week]
$245 [also the number of child victims served at the Children’s Advocacy Center in 2015]
$776 [also the number of families provided direct services last year]

Give a Gift

What we really need is for you to spread the word:


– Children deserve safe + happy childhoods. Support @sfcapc + stop #ChildAbuse: #givingtuesday

– We can create a community without #ChildAbuse. Support @sfcapc + stop #ChildAbuse #givingtuesday

 Facebook (tag us!):

– Abused kids are more likely to be arrested, lose a job, be physically + mentally ill. The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center is protecting kids + their futures:

– This Giving Tuesday do your part to protect children + support child abuse victims:

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