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Grant a Wish.

Russell Stephens
December 1, 2015

What is the Children’s Playroom?

The Children’s Playroom here at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center provides therapeutic play and support groups for kids as well as childcare to parents accessing services on site. We work to ensure that each child visiting the Playroom has an experience that is most supportive of their social and emotional growth. Indeed, that is our focus here in the Playroom, to help children learn and practice their social and emotional skills that will help them be successful in other areas of their lives.  The Playroom supports 440+ kids for a total of 3,600+ visits a year.

We need your help! Donate Today.

At the Prevention Center we offer all of our Playroom services for free and rely heavily on the generosity of the community. The Playroom’s budget is a small part of the bigger picture. With our budget, we are able to deliver these essential services, but are only able to replenish some materials and supplies. However, as you can probably guess, that doesn’t leave much room for major upgrades or overhauls that can greatly enhance the quality of services that we deliver, much less expand the scope of our program.

That’s where you come in. You can help. We don’t need a lot, and anything you can offer, we appreciate. We’ve created a wishlist of new ideas and upgrades we’d like in the Playroom. Many of these are to replace some outdated or overused items. Some will be new additions that will allow us to expand the capabilities of our services.

We believe all children deserve the highest standard of care and education. Granting a wish to the Playroom, from the smallest of upgrades to the biggest of renovations, shows your support for San Francisco’s children.

In total we’re looking to raise $5,523.72. Here’s our wishlist. Donate now.

Playroom Wishlist

View our progress.

(Have one of these items? We also accepted in-kind donations.)

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