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February 2015 Newsletter

February 27, 2015

Notable News

  • The National Children’s Alliance (the entity that accredits Children’s Advocacy Centers nationally) has awarded the Prevention Center funding to develop protocols and trainings to support Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) served at the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). We’re thrilled to be one of the four centers across the country to be awarded this competitive grant, and we look forward to working with our public partners to serve youth impacted by sex trafficking.

  • Building on the ideas shared at the 2014 Aspen ThinkXChange, our Executive Director Katie Albright recently joined Ascend/Aspen Institute and other experts across the country to explore two-generation solutions to toxic stress, including how frameworks like Strengthening Families and Protective Factors play a significant role. Hear Katie, an Ascend Fellow and Network partner, in conversation on this important topic here.
  • Last week, the Department on the Status of Women released its annual report on family violence in San Francisco. The San Francisco Examiner highlighted the report and the opening of our Children’s Advocacy Center as a key improvement allowing for “abused children to have a more caring place when dealing with the criminal investigations and healing from trauma.”

Did you know?

New California Law Takes Effect In 2015 For Child Abuse Victims

Sex Abuse Rights (SB 926) – Children who claim they’re victims of a sex crime have until their 40th birthday to file charges, up from their 28th birthday.

“SB926 finally takes into account the fact that many victims of childhood sexual abuse legitimately can take many, many years before they are ready to face their abuser – and the often brutal criminal legal process that goes along with prosecution. The law will only do good – it will help victims who were silenced by the trauma associated with child abuse by giving them the time they need to speak up, and it will still give an accused his or her day in court, still innocent until proven guilty.” – Chris Keane, Child Abuse and Child Injury Lawyer & former Prevention Center Board Member

Making A Difference: A Community Spotlight – Rachel Castillo

Rachel Castillo, a Bay Area Native, is a graduate of California State University East Bay (Hayward). She is a UX (User Experience) Design Producer at YouTube – and a TALK Line volunteer here at the Prevention Center.

Does YouTube encourage volunteerism?
YouTube is part of the Google family and very much so encourages volunteerism and giving back to the community.There’s an entire program devoted to this exactly called “Googlers Give.” They encourage not only working with the community, but they also match 100% of donations up to $6,000 per year for eligible non-profits. Also, for every hour of volunteerism, they’ll make a donation to the eligible non-profit, in this case, the Prevention Center.

How did you learn about the Prevention Center?
I learned about the Prevention Center in 2010 through a friend who used to work there. At the time, I was working for McGraw-Hill with her and spearheading our corporate volunteer efforts. Our first group activity was helping stuff and address letters for the end of year campaign. Then later in the year, we helped with the holiday party. I ended up leaving McGraw-Hill that following year in 2011, but was always so impressed by the work the Prevention Center did that I told myself I would return in the future to commit more time working with the folks here. In 2014, I told myself there was never going to be the “best” time to get involved, so might as well do it now – at which point I inquired about being a TALK Line volunteer.

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer work?
I enjoy being reminded of how much I LOVE the organization as a whole and the people here. The feeling of awe persists week after week at the personal commitment every person at the Prevention Center has to each other, to their volunteers, to all their clients, and to our community. Seeing everyone’s genuine enthusiasm and celebration of the smallest wins, despite their and the community’s struggles, fills my heart deeply and continues to inspire.

What would you say to others about giving back?
I would tell anyone thinking of volunteering at the Prevention Center that I highly encourage it. There has been no more fulfilling experience than to be on the TALK Line and being able to see my clients and the community grow. The deep gratitude and fulfillment I have from the Prevention Center has been invaluable in keeping me personally grounded and connected with my community.

Special thanks to the following foundations for supporting our work:

David Klein Jr. Fund, National Children’s Alliance, Negley Flinn Charitable Trust, Niantic Charitable Trust, Nordstrom, The San Francisco Foundation

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