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Celebrating the Life of Mardi Kildebeck

Katie Albright, Chief Executive Officer
January 13, 2020

Safe & Sound is saddened by the recent passing of Mardi Kildebeck, who was a wonderful friend, a supporter of our work, and a regular guest at our Blue Ribbon Luncheon. Mardi was also aunt to our Associate Director, Molly Jardiniano, and they share many qualities — kindness, humor, and a strong generosity of spirit. Mardi sought out updates on friends’ and loved-ones’ lives and listened with undivided attention, responding with either quick dry humor or a note of optimistic celebration – frequently exclaiming “What fun!” in response to good news. Mardi brought a blend of enthusiasm and pragmatism to any situation, creating a positive energy that lifted those around her.

Mardi served as director of the Mary Wohlford Foundation, which generously supported our work, as well as organizations focused on reproductive health, education and social justice. She took a particular interest in organizations like ours with a local presence, where a streamlined process for dispensing grants could have a significant and immediate impact. Oakland-based ACCESS Women’s Health Justice praised Mardi as a “model funder” and “dream donor” when presenting Mardi and the Mary Wohlford Foundation with an Access to Justice Award in 2013.

We are honored and humbled to have known Mardi and to be among the organizations she helped nurture and shape. She has left the world a better place.


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