Every parent needs help. Safe & Sounds knows that parenting is the hardest job in the world and provides comprehensive support and services to families who need them.

By using our evidence-informed approach we help families to build upon their strengths to increase their protective factors: parent’s resilience and knowledge of parenting / child development, family’s social connections and basic needs, and child’s social and emotional competence.

When families have strong protective factors, children thrive.

Here’s how we support

We provide services to children & parents.

We work with parents to ensure they have the knowledge, resiliency, basic resources, and connections they need to have a strong and healthy home. And, with children to ensure they have the skills they need to identify and express their emotions, and appropriately interact with other children. Our coordinated system of care builds on the strengths of a family and supports them with educational workshop, community events, groups, parenting classes, counseling, and basic needs like groceries and bus tokens.

Get services

We are always here to listen

For the past 40 odd years, our telephone support line, TALK Line, has offered around-the-clock counseling and referrals to parents and caregivers. Staffed by highly trained volunteers, The TALK Line is open for callers 365 days a year. Although the TALK Line is aimed at supporting the many challenges of parenting it supports callers through the so many life stressors like, custody issues, self-care, financials hardships, and anxiety. We will always answer.

Call the TALK Line: (415) 441-KIDS (5437)


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