We are more effective when we work together.

Safe & Sound collaborates with government agencies and community organizations throughout the Bay Area to provide support and services to children and their parents or caregivers. These collaborations bolster our ability to prevent child abuse, unearth cases of abuse, and respond to those cases.

Together, we are able to broaden our impact and move closer to giving a voice to every child and to preventing, stopping, and ultimately ending child abuse.

Here’s how we collaborate

We are building a better response system.

Children’s Advocacy Center of San Francisco (CAC) is a collaboration of Safe & Sound and the City and County of San Francisco. It provides support for victims of child abuse and their families. It ensures children have the help and guidance they need to heal from the trauma they experienced, and that families receive the services they need to create a safe future without abuse. The CAC is for victims of physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect.

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We are breaking down silos, to see the big picture.

We lead the San Francisco’s Child Abuse Prevention Council and co-lead the Council in Marin to bring together government and community leaders to create best practices on child abuse prevention and response. A key member of San Francisco’s Family Violence Council, we work with community organizations and city agencies focused on child abuse, intimate partner violence, and elder abuse, to create a comprehensive picture of the violence that is transpiring within all families in our community — and promote unified strategies to prevent it.

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