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Warning Signs in Offenders

  • Overly interested in children, preferring to spend free time interacting with children or teens

  • Involved in children’s activities, such as sports, youth groups, teaching, and babysitting

  • Finds ways to be alone with a child or teen (babysitting, car rides, special outings)

  • Frequent physical contact with a child or teen, such as tickling, wrestling, and sitting on lap

  • Ignores a child’s or teen’s verbal or physical cues that he/she doesn’t want physical contact

  • Gives a child or teen gifts or money for no particular occasion

  • Frequently views pornography or visits pornography establishments

  • Discusses or asks child or teen to discuss sexual experiences or feelings

Signs a Child Has Been Sexually Abused

  • Unwilling/afraid to be left with a particular person, and reluctant to discuss time with person

  • Change in child’s behavior when particular person is present

  • Use of new words to describe genitalia or sexual behavior

  • Chronic masturbation or acting out sexual scenarios with dolls, toys, or friends

  • Self-harming behaviors, such as abuse of alcohol or drugs, promiscuity, and cutting
    Physical signs, including, headaches, stomach pain, change in appetite or eating disorders, “bathroom accidents,” sleeping difficulty, trouble sitting or walking, urination pain, unexplained injuries around mouth, and irritation, bleeding or infection of genitalia