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Self-care: Parenting is easier when personal needs for intimacy, companionship, recreation, and time alone are being met. If your own needs as an adult are being met it is much easier to be patient consistent and available to your child.

Providing a safe environment: It is important to ensure a safe and engaging environment for your child. When your child is feeling safe, it creates a more relaxed environment for parenting.

Realistic expectations: It’s important for parents to have realistic expectations of themselves and understand where their child is developmentally ready to learn and understand. Problems can arise when parents expect too much of themselves and expect their children to be perfect.

Physical and emotional availability: Parents need to be available to their children not only physically but also emotionally. Parents can feel so overwhelmed by having to be present for their child all the time, but it’s important to explore what holds them back physical and emotionally from being present for their child.

Understanding how to discipline: Parents need to choose the right discipline strategy. Understanding how to discipline your child can help them feel safe and teaches them to behave in an acceptable way.