Knowledge is power. Safe & Sound educates school-children, parents, and child-serving professionals (like teachers, after-school staff & first responders) to keep kids safe.

When parents have a fundamental understanding of child development and are taught concrete parenting tips, kids are safer. When child-serving professionals know how to identify suspected child abuse and skillfully respond to it, kids are safer. When children understand the difference between what’s appropriate and what’s not, and are empowered to speak up, they are safer.

By educating the adults in a child’s life as well as the child themself, we increase our chance at creating safe children and happy childhoods.

Here’s how we educate

We hold classes & trainings

We hold classes and workshops on safety, relationships, and child abuse prevention. Nearly all our classes and trainings are free to attend.

Safety Lessons for K-5th Graders

Teaches school children a series of in-classroom lessons on personal safety, assertiveness, safe versus unsafe touch, and how to develop a system of support. This is provided free of charge to San Francisco Unified School District classrooms and after-school programs and is available for a modest fee to private schools and child-serving organizations in San Francisco. The classes are available in English and Spanish.

Safety Lessons for Parents / Caregivers

Instructs parents on how to communicate with children about uncomfortable and unsafe situations and how to protect them from potential abuse. These trainings are provided on request and are free of charge.

Mandated Reporter Trainings

Trains child-serving professionals (mandated reporters) to identify, respond to, and report suspected child abuse.

Impact of Violence Trainings

Trains parents and providers about the impact of exposure to violence on young children and how to provide support for these kids.

Lunch & Learns

Informs companies and groups about child safety, child abuse and its prevention.

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We create curriculum

We developed curriculum that we use in our classes and workshops, as well as license for use by other organizations.

Child Safety Awareness

A series of four in-classroom lessons on safety for K-5th graders. There is a different curriculum for K-3rd and 4-6th graders . Read the curriculum overview on our blog.

Kids’ Turn

A series of workshops focused on families going through separation and divorce. There are three sets of workshops that are specific to child’s age and life stage. Read more about Kids’ Turn.


An eight-week group that helps build communication and trust between children and their parents and supports those families who have experienced traumatic events, such as violence in the home or the community.

Child Abuse 101

A single session to train groups, agencies, and companies on child abuse and its prevention.

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