Child abuse affects all of us.
Safe & Sound advocates for laws, policies, and practices that put kids first.

By working across every sector of society we are bringing awareness to this pervasive issue, addressing its underlying causes, and creating a strong community that protect kids.

Every day we build a better system, activate our community, and improve its ability to identify, stop, and respond to incidences of child abuse.

Here’s how we advocate

We are changing policies.

Under our leadership, San Francisco has created a team of organizations and city agencies that responds to victims of child sex trafficking (or Commercially Sexually Exploited Children). We are working together to coordinate a multi-agency response, improve delivery of services, and ensure these children are supported and given a voice. We are creating a system the ensure these young victims have the best chance at a bright future.

We are researching & reporting.

In 2017, we released a report, The Economics of Child Abuse: A Study of San Francisco. Working with University of California’s Haas School of Business, we identified and quantified the cost of child abuse to the San Francisco and subsequently to the entire Bay Area. In creating an in-depth case study of San Francisco, many of the risk factors that make families vulnerable to abuse were brought to light. With the cost of child abuse in San Francisco conservatively at $301.6 million, and in the Bay Area at $2.2 billion, the study makes a powerful argument for investing in prevention efforts. 

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