Lunch & Learn

Use your lunch break for good! Invite Safe & Sound staff to inform and educate the employees at your company.

Child abuse is a pervasive, often overlooked, ill in our community. While our city faces many social challenges, including poverty, homelessness, crime, and addiction, child abuse is often the hidden, contributing factor that directly impacts all of us. Eradicating child abuse from society will take effort from all of us, and you can help.

Lunch & Learns are an opportunity for civic-minded companies to be part of the growing movement of people and organizations taking a stand for kids.

Setup A Lunch & Learn: Choose from a variety of educational topics related to child abuse then schedule a date for Safe & Sound staff to deliver a presentation. Each Lunch & Learn is about one hour long and takes place at a location of your choosing. The ability to project slides is needed and employees are encouraged to bring their own lunch.

Lunch & Learn Topics:

Child Abuse 101
Intended for general audiences
Learn how to define child abuse, its prevalence in the Bay Area, and its pervasive effects on children, communities, and society — as well as how to identify and respond to signs of child abuse.

Protect Our Children
Intended for parents and caregivers
Learn how to recognize the warning signs of abuse in children and how to empower them to protect themselves and to navigate out of unsafe situations.

The Impact of Violence on Children
Intended for general audiences
Witnessing violence, either within the home or within the community at large, is harmful to children and their developing brains. Learn how domestic and community violence can permanently alter the life path of a child and could lead to a cycle of violence within a home, a neighborhood or city.

The Economic Cost of Child Abuse
Intended for general audiences
$301.6 Million. This is the economic cost of just one year’s worth of child abuse victims in San Francisco. The same amount of money could send nearly 3,000 kids to college. Learn how Safe & Sound partnered with U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business to quantify this cost, and what risk factors make families in San Francisco particularly vulnerable.


To schedule a Lunch & Learn for your workplace, email volunteer[@] with the subject line: “Lunch & Learn.”