It’s April!

Which means it’s Child Abuse Prevention Month

We believe that every child should grow up safe, protected, and loved. We’re working to make that a reality, and we invite you this April — Child Abuse Prevention Month — to join us.

The ripple effect of child abuse throughout our community is substantial and profound. Child abuse not only contributes to homelessness and high incarceration rates, but it also affects our schools and our healthcare system. In just one year, child abuse will end up costing the Bay Area community billions of dollars. Yes, billions — dollars that could be better put towards early childhood education, infrastructure, or affordable housing.

Our community deserves better. Our children deserve better.

What can you do this month:

  • Wear a Blue Ribbon to show support for child abuse prevention
  • Speak up & help raise awareness

    Sample Tweets / Posts:

    – We’re a proud partner of @safesoundkids & Child Abuse Prevention Month! Find out how you can get involved: #NCAPM2019 #safeprotectedloved

    – Every child deserves to grow up #safeprotectedloved. It’s time to create a future without child abuse. Join @safesoundkids & protect our kids: #NCAPM2019

    – April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! Get involved & learn more: @safesoundkids #NCAPM2019 #safeprotectedloved

  • Reach out to kids and parents in your community
  • If you work with kids:

    – Adopt or create a code of conduct that meets child safety best practices, such as text messaging with a child or avoiding being alone with a child unless necessary.

    – Institute a child abuse reporting policy that outlines who should report abuse and how, and create accountability structures to ensure the policy is followed.

    – Host a training to educate employees or members of your community on child safety, tips to identify child abuse and prevent and report it. We’re happy to come by for a Lunch & Learn.