Kids’ Turn Online Workshop

A 4-lesson parent education workshop from the comfort of your own home.


4 lessons
Open to families with children ages 0-17

The format is informative, thoughtful, empowering offering relief and peace of mind to parents struggling with family conflict in their separation.  Many of the skills can be taught to youngsters once parents learn them.The material is based on the programs offered in workshops in The San Francisco Bay Area. Each lesson takes 30-40 minutes to complete (120 minutes for the entire program).  Lessons 2 and 4 have specialized information for parents of children under the age of five.

This curriculum is designed to:

  • help families ease through separation with reduced conflict
  • help parents co-parent successfully
  • help families during other, stressful life difficulties.


The cost is $99 for access to the content for six months.
We have a no refund policy. Please make sure you are fully committed to the program before you pay the fee.


  • If a Kids’ Turn workshop has been ordered or recommended by a judge or a mediator, make sure that online program is an authorized alternative to an in-person workshop.
  • Parents who attend Bay Area workshops will receive free access to the online program upon completion of a four-week workshop.
  • Parents must complete all four lessons to receive a graduation certificate. At the end of Lesson 4, you will be able to print the certificate.

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