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Safe & Sound is a nationally-recognized children’s advocacy organization with evidence-based programming that reduces child abuse and strengthens families. We seek to end child abuse in our community within two generations (50 years).  We believe every child should grow up safe, protected, and loved. Join us:

Why: The Impacts of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a complex problem that affects all of us. It is an invisible epidemic that occurs in every zip code in our country. However, because of systemic racism and socio-economic factors, children of color are disproportionately represented in the child welfare system, separated from their families, and placed in foster care. 

The physical, mental, and emotional effects of child abuse last long after they have occurred. The social costs of child abuse are profound as well, with an estimated economic burden on California alone totaling $26.3 billion each year in costs of child welfare, education, criminal justice, health care, and loss of productivity.  

How We Do Our Work

Every year, we reach more than 12,000 children, parents, and child-serving adults in San Francisco. The individual families we serve are primarily living in poverty or extreme poverty; the vast majority are families of color; many prefer to speak another language other than English; most are single parents and parenting very young children; and, an overwhelming number suffer trauma and have experienced childhood abuse or current domestic violence.  

We serve families and the community by establishing trust, building relationships, nurturing healing, and striving for equity. We see a future for safe children, strong families, and sound communities. 

Every day, we do our work by:

  • Supporting vulnerable families 24-7-365 days-a-year with telephone support, counseling, parenting classes, and basic needs like food and access to housing, jobs, and legal advice to build critical protective factors that strengthen families.
  • Educating children, caregivers, and community partners on child abuse prevention to create an active, informed, and coordinated community that protects kids.
  • Advocating & Partnering with government and community to implement laws and policies that protect children and strengthen families.

Awards & Recognition

Safe & Sound is a leader in data-driven policies and programs with national recognition.

  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families recognized our evidence-informed, two-generation prevention model as​ one of nine best primary abuse prevention practices in the country.
  • Casey Family Programs, a preeminent national organization for the well-being of children, awarded Safe & Sound and other San Francisco leaders the Jim Casey Building Communities of Hope Award ​for our San Francisco Family Resource Center Initiative, an innovative city family support system that supports families and protects children.

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Key Stats (2019):

We are proud to be part of a county-wide effort that has reduced the rate of confirmed child abuse cases by 65% over the past 15 years.

  • 64,000 reports of child abuse in the Bay Area
  • 5,800 verified cases of child abuse in the Bay Area
  • $2.0 billion: cost to the Bay Area that results from child abuse in one year (read report)
  • 9,400 counseling calls fielded on the TALK Line
  • 8,100 children received in-classroom safety lessons
  • 1,850 child-serving professionals (like teachers & coaches) taught how to identify & report abuse
  • 1,100 parents & children served by Safe & Sound’s Family Support Center

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