Who say's it can't be done?

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FACT: When you have opportunity, life turns out better.


Too many communities have too few opportunities for their children, youth and families to thrive. As a result, too many people end up in bad situations, and then way too many people are sent away to expensive institutions and group homes such as: foster care, juvenile confinement and prison, away from family and friends.

The state spends $750 million in Baltimore City alone per year trying to fix people – most of whom would never have gotten into trouble to begin with – if they had opportunities to succeed. And even worse many of those released from these systems will get in trouble or hurt again and return to the expensive institutional care… stuck in the cradle to prison pipeline.


Spend less money for better opportunity and results. Our state departments of Human Resources, Juvenile Services and Public Safety & Correctional Services are doing just that. For far less money the Secretaries are putting alternatives in place that cost less and give people the chance to connect to opportunities – including jobs, treatment, education, health care – to get on with their own good and productive lives. About 600 Baltimoreans get these alternatives now – yet thousands need and deserve them. We can do more and we have the funds to get started.