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Affirmative Opportunity

 Our Kids Are Born To Thrive And Succeed 

 We can act to reinvest the approved jail dollars to fund alternatives to detention, improve conditions for those who need to be held, and rebuild Baltimore's system of recreation, providing the basics in youth development opportunities while creating jobs for adults and youth in our communities.



 A Jobs Agenda for Maryland

See Reverend David Carl Olson, Reverend Hoffman Brown III, and the Fair Development Coalition’s op-ed in the Baltimore Sun titled “A jobs agenda for Maryland"! The Safe and Sound Campaign is proud to be a member of this important Coalition seeking to expand access to high-quality jobs to all Marylanders!

 This Is It: the Maryland Opportunity Compact, a public/private financing innovation

A Report on the Impact of Maryland Opportunity Compacts


Baltimore's Safe and Sound Campaign's Testimony to the City Council on Racial Profiling

Read the testimony by Antonio Ellis, Youth Ambassador.


Read Matt Vocci's op-ed about the innovative Maryland Public Safety Compact here.