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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The State of Maryland Interrupts a Successful and Innovative Model to Reduce Incarceration!

The Public Safety Compact: Reducing the number of people incarcerated + Reducing the rate of recidivism = Saving the State Money.

The Public Safety Compact is an initiative of The Maryland Opportunity Compact, a private/public financing tool that redirects funding from ineffective, high cost programs (such as foster care, juvenile confinement, and - most relevant here - prisons,) to alternative interventions that produce better results for less public funding.

Designed to safely release eligible inmates years earlier than otherwise possible, the Public Safety Compact encompasses a proven suite of interventions including behind-the-fence drug treatment and, upon release, enrollment in appropriate treatment within 48 hours, leading to a comprehensive recovery program including cognitive, educational, and employment services guided by a full-time case worker. The Public Safety Compact helps participants get clean and stay clean, sober, and connected to jobs, volunteer, and civic leadership opportunities.

The Public Safety Compact frees millions of tax dollars that can then be reallocated to provide effective services and opportunities to help communities prosper in Maryland.

Critical to the implementation of a Maryland Opportunity Compact is a formal agreement (or contract,) between operating partners that outlines roles and responsibilities, includes cost and savings estimates, and which commits partners to sustaining the effort and re-investing savings. The savings that are generated are shared between the state and compact operator(s), who reinvest the funds to expand these programs and grow opportunities in Maryland’s most vulnerable communities.

Take Action: Call on your Elected Representatives to Preserve the Integrity of the Public Safety Compact!


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